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How do you make multiple nzbs into one nzb?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2023 11:49 pm
by mednzb
I have multiple Nzbs I want to just make them into one nzb but the option in newsbin to just load nzbs in one window isn't working and if I load the nzb it loads them in their own windows. I tried doing it in notepad, but it only seems to load the first five. If I could just get them to load in a single window, I could create the nzb from posts.

Re: How do you make multiple nzbs into one nzb?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2023 11:02 am
by Quade
What are you trying to accomplish? I mean what's the end goal?

If you look inside the NZB, you'll see that each file has a section of it's own. You could manually past the file sections (the entire file section) from one NZB to another. I'd work with copies because if you mess up the formatting, you might need to start over.

Code: Select all
<file poster="" date="1688513759" subject="[002/104] - &quot;uGBjz4WohVmXhC9eDXxK5INg2lnmNPHC.7z.002&quot; yEnc  11534336 (1/17)">
  <segment bytes="716800" number="1">1972d764f927422caf6340acada541a9@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="2">64acb04cb14c42d389931efeb3845e56@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="3">cffd11436e5e4094b3d8627a55be932c@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="4">9dd8f0106dda4fc380ad93d25b569d7a@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="5">56b305d63251499cb1ad98d140631efd@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="6">bac56980a4104602988fe5f024a36631@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="7">080a67fb0ad142689bde02ad29835ff1@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="8">e44b51fdc3074caa8e5b8bb3db678a8b@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="9">0412ae1babd74f5b871ef3f9c61e8d93@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="10">458e8a4acbac438ab666816c34462390@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="11">1bf3e3b91a4848a5b81e9fbfd92cd118@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="12">012ef25e9a9f44e7912962515f8cd046@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="13">e8d7ec19a6724366b671e9da4c1f31f5@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="14">78b2b2e0f52a4b99b8e8a285bc9015c5@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="15">36c0d56cd6ff48c28c545579e9e7c3c0@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="716800" number="16">c06fd2501db94442ac7df1eeb14e2c54@ngPost</segment>
  <segment bytes="65536" number="17">b5c88b166a08435f9ba7628e1b7d8e87@ngPost</segment>

Re: How do you make multiple nzbs into one nzb?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2023 12:21 pm
by mednzb
Thanks quade!! I figured It out. The multiple posts in a single window does work in the current version I was just not loading them correctly. I remember it working differently in earlier versions. I got my single nzb thanks for your help.