Am I using newsbin correctly?

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Am I using newsbin correctly?

Postby mednzb » Sat Aug 26, 2023 1:18 pm

I am trying to download headers from a group but there are billions of headers, so it is impossible to download them all even if I try newsbin just crashes. I know there is a feature that says it will only show headers in a specific date range, but you still have to download all the headers even on my gig connection that can take at least a day. The group is a huge one that newsbin search doesn't index so even if I wanted to subscribe it won't help.
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Re: Am I using newsbin correctly?

Postby Stan » Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:33 pm

Quade will have a better answer but with groups that big it could take days even if you could accomplish it.
Just off the top of my head, you could try to download 5,000,000 at a time but still can be days.
there was a time when I could tell newsbin to search a specific group but it may have just been it was one they indexed.

I personally don't know what groups they index and don't with their search.

There are probably reasons even because of certain names of groups they don't list them.
They did say they do most large groups so, if true, surprising they don't do the group if the group is as big as you say.

Taken from another post ...
Only about 2000 or less groups actually have binary content. We don't do image groups at all. Pretty much any group under say 600K posts is probably just a spam trap.
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Re: Am I using newsbin correctly?

Postby Quade » Sun Aug 27, 2023 10:27 pm

You can download all the headers but you can't leave the window for that group open because all the headers you download will get stored in RAM.

If you start the download then close the window or right click "Download all Headers" all the headers can be downloaded without running out of RAM.

That said, the very largest groups aren't that usable with headers anymore. What's getting posted to them isn't usable through headers, only through NZB files.

The group is a huge one that newsbin search doesn't index so even if I wanted to subscribe it won't help.

We catalog all the large groups. The problem is that what's posted isn't usable because all the files are posted both obscured and encrypted. I think you'll find even if you download the headers there's not much recognizable anymore.

The smaller more focused groups still have content usable by headers, I mean music, book, anime groups and the like.

Many people use "Sonarr" with Newsbin to download content that used to be clear text in the groups.
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