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Sampling Files in RAR archives.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2002 1:11 am
by Quade
Sampling downloads in RAR format.

RAR files are all those files which have ".RAR,.R01,.R02...."
extensions on them. They're like ZIP files, they're files that contain other files. They require a program called "WinRAR" to decode them. I recommend using at least version 2.90 because earlier versions would ignore the "Keep Broken File" flag.

This works with WinRAR 2.90.

1) Download the ".RAR" file and double-click it in the downloaded files tab. If you have WinRAR installed, it'll get invoked. Same rules apply here as with the other sampling techniques. MPG,MPEG and MP3 and VCD.dat files are candidates for preview.

2) Click "Extract To" button.

3) Pick a download directory.

4) Click "Keep Broken Files" (this is very important).

5) Let it decode what you've downloaded. When it brings up the error window reporting missing files, just cancel out. You'll have a file waiting
ready to view.

6) Download more of the file in order (r01,r02,r03...) and repeat to sample larger portions of the file.

Don't forget to rename the "vcdbla.dat" file to vcdbla.dat.mpg" to make it viewable in Mediaplayer.