Server List data?

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Server List data?

Postby StrangeLove » Sun Oct 25, 2020 2:42 am

Edit: It's all good, just hunted everything down through emails and new install on top of old folder worked, retaining all the info. Thanks again for having such an amazing program! :wink:

I'm in the middle of upgrading a new machine and to win 10. Moved my 2nd and 3 hdds over to the new machine but when I tried to start Newsbin, all the server data was gone.
I can probably track down, all the servers through emails but made a couple of custom links with newsdemon to try and get extra resources from some eu links.
Long story I know, I can fix it but it would be extra time but if I knew where the data file was in win 7 Admin/my documents or /appdata?
I tried search the forums (words were too commnon) and the wiki. Unless it's secret info or something? ;)

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Re: Server List data?

Postby Quade » Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:29 pm

Unless you changed things, this information is stored in a text file called "Newsbin.nbi". I'd search for this on the old drives. If it's there you can exit Newsbin and copy it over the Newsbin.nbi from your fresh install. You might want to look in the file with "WordPad" to make sure all the paths look same. Drive letters often change with re-install/fresh machines.

I'd make a copy of the one on the old drives too. Just in case you need a couple tries to get it to take.
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