Picky, picky, picky.. NB 6.0RC2 Build 976, et al

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Picky, picky, picky.. NB 6.0RC2 Build 976, et al

Postby orygun » Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:23 am

I really have become lazy with all these improvements to NB: no hours spent downloading and repairing files.. searching for parts, cussing posters.. and NB.. I sit and click for a bit and then go put a Blu-Ray in and watch my 42" Plasma while all you guys do the work.... :)

However... there are only a couple-three items I have issue with (ever so humbly, of course).

1. Attached is a screen shot (on my domain). I made the mistake of clicking the second Yes button on the install and it reset my configuration.
Durned if I can figure out how to get my groups list back to where it was.. hidden so when the mouse went to the top, it would show, not over to the side. I can live with that.. I'm pretty lazy and hate thinking.. and that will teach me to be in a hurry :)

2. In the Files List, I must actually click on a file to obtain the "Clear List" right-click option. In the other areas (Failed DL, Logging, Wish List) clicking on a blank space allows R/C options.

3. I've moved the Menu Bar and Standard over-- saves real estate. My comment on this is actually on the buttons themselves- when I click Save The Configuration File.. what happens? Unless I look at the bottom of the screen- I am not aware of any indication of processing; the button doesn't change color/move/indicate anything. Many of the buttons don't indicate anything unless it opens a dialogue window.

Ok, I've over-run my couple-three limit... but I'm on a roll. :)

4. In a group tab there are three 'refresh/reload' options- Reload from Disk, Load Older files into the List, and Load Newer files into the list.

What exactly do the last two do? I've tried clicking them and received no indication that anything is happening- no new files show up, no happy face appears nor is my ex charred to a crisp. I end up using the first (Reload from Disk) in order to see all new posts. Is that correct? I've looked through the online How To with no success.

So, when I Reload From Disk, I am continually asked to enter information on one of three choices. Since I have an age of 7 Days, is it possible for the Reload From Disk default to 7 days, or whatever the person has set?

I've really become lazy; making me click all those extra times ... I just gotta have a nap afterwords.

Thought I'd get all my rants out first. Overall, I think I'd pay for Newbin all over again at a higher price... this beats everything else out there and the support you get is ...over the top. Doing an IPO soon? I'd love to get in on the ground floor.

Finally... would you guys consider buying out Adobe Photoshop? I sure could use the price break. :)

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Re: Picky, picky, picky.. NB 6.0RC2 Build 976, et al

Postby Quade » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:09 am

#2 - I'll look at it.

#3 - Save configuration takes about 1/10 of a second. Blip and it's done. It's like autosave and quicksave in a game. Most of the time autosave is good enough but, sometimes you want to manually save it.

#4 - A post list displays a window of time. You can load say, last January. If you want to add older records to the span, you can click load older, if you want to add newer records, Load newer. For example in my case, I typically load 60 days worth of a group. If I want to see the next older 60 days, I click the button. This works if you actually store older records. If you have the "Storage Age" set to 10, then try to load new records older than 10 days, there's nothing to load. I have about 1000 days worth of headers so, I can move forwards and backwards in time. If you've ever used a spectrum analyzer, it's sort of like how they work, except in time instead of frequency.

"Show Posts" always uses "Display Age". Set "Display Age" to 7 in the options and it'll always load 7.

For #1, I might delete the workspace.xml and start over.
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Re: Picky, picky, picky.. NB 6.0RC2 Build 976, et al

Postby orygun » Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:16 am

#4 again. Not to belabor the point, but I may have not stated the question properly.

-I have a selection of newsgroups of which the Per Group Display Age is 5.
-Use Header Download Age- 5
-In the group tab the age is 5.
-I check/download from this set once a day, daily.

(I set it at 5 just in case I have to leave for a few days.. Addtionally, once I've viewed/used a group, I have the habit of disabling the filter, viewing anything left over and then shift-Del the contents. Since I don't require anything that's been posted previously and I've skipped it once, why keep it underfoot?)

Ok, so I download new headers and upon completion (Filter ON in all cases)- it shows 8 files, all with today's date. I Click on Load Newer Files-- same 8 files. I click on Load Older Files - ditto -8 files. I Click on Reload from Disk and set it for one day past (yesterday).. 17 files, all from today.

Question - Since I've been logged off since early yesterday, the first time I downloaded this evening, should it have shown all 17 files, without going through all the manual refreshing? (Normally, I just go ahead and use the Reload/Disk option.. I have since upgrading to the version where Compact View was instituted.. )

Question - Since I end up using the last option to see all the posts, would it be possible for it to default to whatever setting I'd used the last time? Current default is current day and if you click OK, it warns From Date must be less than TO Date... more clicking.

Is there something I'm doing incorrectly or is there a setting in the ini that I can edit? Should I just sit back and stay away from computers ?? :)


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