$(DOWNLOADPATH) not resolved

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$(DOWNLOADPATH) not resolved

Postby RayMark » Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:24 pm

6.80 beta 6

Yes, exactly.
I tried $(DOWNLOADPATH) in unrar path - instead, a folder with the name $(DOWNLOADPATH) is created and used for unrarring.
I did not invent or type it myself - I used the tools provided by NewsBin:
Options -> UnRar Folder -> Change -> $(DOWNLOADPATH) Current Download Path -> Add (Ins)

And I need it primarily to experiment with another issue I was about to write about.

I need it to work, but I mainly need it to work for "Download to Existing Folder" - I hoped that $(DOWNLOADPATH) would take that "Existing Folder" instead of the one in Options. That is really needed, otherwise "Download to Existing Folder" and "Download to New Folder" do not make much sense.

What I need is "Unrar to Existing Folder". The intermediate download folder is just a temporary one and I could not care less what folder that is. It could be just TEMP.
However, if after using "Download to Existing Folder" I still need additionally to assign new unrar path - then it is useless, unless you are downloading things that do not need unrarring.
Because I can just assign new unrar path wihout choosing a different download folder.
I want the unrar folder to be relative to the download folder, even when the download folder is not the default one but specified with "Download to Existing Folder".
For example, if the download folder is download_folder then unrar folder (eXtract folder) is download_folder\X
Even when download_folder is specified by "Download to Existing Folder".
So I hoped that $(DOWNLOADPATH) will do exactly that, if I use $(DOWNLOADPATH)\X

What I really want is to avoid this additional work every time I want to use a non-default folder - "Assign a New Unrar Path".
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