Problems doing lots of "read body post"s at once

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Problems doing lots of "read body post"s at once

Postby Cybercat » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:56 am

Since people have started using random file names to avoid their posts being deleted, the only way I can figure out which post contains what is using the "read post body" option which will give me the filenames contained in the rar.

In older versions of newsbin I could select 100 or 200 posts at once and do read post body and it would open 200 notepads with the info I wanted.
In recent versions this would sometimes go wrong and newsbin would get stuck, but if I'd then restart the program it would remember what files were queued up and open them after all.

However, I have now downloaded 6.81B3 and this no longer works. It adds a few to the download list but then gets stuck at "Display update pending" and it won't even try to add the rest of the files. Restarting the program doesn't work anymore either as it no longer seems to remember what was queued up.

This means the current beta version of newsbin is unusable for me. Are there any settings I can change to solve this, or should I just go back to an older version and not update?
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