Newsbin Beta 6.90RC5 - build 5495

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Newsbin Beta 6.90RC5 - build 5495

Postby longer » Thu Dec 09, 2021 10:32 am


I can't seem to get this version to honour the NZB Options checkbox. Right now regardless of whether this box is ticked any NZB loaded is immediately added to the download queue. I "load" the NZB file(s) from an NZB watch folder.

Work around?


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Re: Newsbin Beta 6.90RC5 - build 5495

Postby Quade » Thu Dec 09, 2021 2:55 pm

Many modern NZB's only work properly if they feed directly to the download list. Without a side trip to the post listing. I have to decide whether I'm going to re-enable that option or not before the release.
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