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Set server priority per download

Postby pfk505 » Fri Aug 06, 2021 3:14 am

Not sure if this would even be possible, but I would love to be able to set a different server priority per download.

The behaviour I experience is as follows: If a download is not available via server 1 (or 2 or 3) but is available via server 4, Newsbin attempts to download every piece via server 1, 2, 3 in order (and failing, and timing out) before trying server 4 successfully. It would be great to be able to rank server priority for individual downloads so as to manually bypass the default server priority.

I have gone through the settings but my apologies if this is in fact possible and I just haven't seen it.
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Re: Set server priority per download

Postby Quade » Fri Aug 06, 2021 12:00 pm

Yeah you can't do it currently. I wrote a note to look into it. It won't be in 6.90 though.
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